Important Things to Know about the R-22 Phase Out

  • Posted on: 7 December 2017
  • By: iac.seoexpert3

If your HVAC system was made before 2010, it probably uses R-22 refrigerant. Many of the newer models are manufactured with a more eco-friendly refrigerant called R410a. These two products are not compatible and this can cause many people in the Alexandria LA area problems if they need AC repair and maintenance and their cooling systems use R-22. Good news! ACA Mechanical Industrial has the solution to this problem and here is how we can help.

Why Are They Phasing Out R-22?

R-22 was used for many years, but it's not good for the environment. In fact, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has deemed R22 to be environmentally unfriendly and likely to be contributing to problems such as global warming. Since 2010, R-22 cannot be manufactured, and it must be totally phased out by 2020. But what does this mean to those that want AC repair and maintenance in Alexandria LA?

Cooling System Service

Your system may not be cooling because it's low on refrigerant. Also, some kinds of service require discharging and recharging the refrigerant. Before long, R-22 will no longer be available, and until then, the price will continue to escalate; so you can either buy a new cooling unit or replace the refrigerant. But if you went to R410a you would have to change the condenser and evaporator coils and make several other expensive modifications. However, there is a solution to this problem.

RS-44b Refrigerant

When you come to ACA Mechanical Industrial for AC repair and maintenance in Alexandria LA, we can replace your R-22 refrigerant with RS-44b. It's called a "drop-in" replacement because it's simple and easy and there are no major modifications needed for the changeover.

To learn more about RS-44b, call your cooling and heating professionals at ACA Mechanical Industrial today. The number is 318-443-1052.